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At Dean's Professional Services, we offer an array of benefits for our employees. For additional information in regards to benefits,
please contact the DPS HR Team. 


Interested in Enrolling? 

Eligible employees will have the opportunity to enroll by accessing the online benefits portal. Employees are able to join the plan on the first day of the month following their 30 day anniversary date if they work an average of 30 hours per week. 

ACA Compliant Healthcare Benefits

DPS offers ACA (Affordable Care Act) Compliant Health Benefit Plans for DPS Employees. Coverage Options include the following (see below).
Eligibility Requirements: 30 days of employment with an average of 30 hours per week.

  • MEC - Minimum Essential Coverage

  • VIP Plan

  • Hospital Indemnity Plan

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Short Term Disability

MEC Benefits

  • 20 Preventive Services Covered for Adults (ages 18 and older)

  • 24 Preventive Services Covered for Women (Pregnant Women)

  • 29 Preventive Services Covered for Children

For additional information visit - healthcare.gov/what-are-my-prevenative-care-benefits
To search for an In-Network Physician visit -

MEC Weekly Cost
$13.62 - Employee
$29.95 - Employee + Spouse
$27.23 - Employee + Child(ren)
$44.93 - Family

VIP Plan Weekly Cost
$32.08 - Employee
$52.15 - Employee + Spouse
$49.15 - Employee + Child(ren)
$71.31 - Family

Hospital Indemnity Weekly Cost
$20.73 - Employee
$41.19- Employee + Spouse
$32.91 - Employee + Child(ren) 
$49.08 - Family


If you are currently enrolled call 1-888-820-5687 to confirm details or update your benefits plan for 2019. 

Payroll Benefits

At DPS, we offer two options to receive your payroll funds. For questions in regards to payroll, please contact the DPS Payroll Team

  • Direct Deposit

  • ADP Aline Paycard - (VISA Prepaid Card)

  • Discretionary 401K Program (eligible after 1 year of employment)

Paid Vacation

One week of vacation is offered after a DPS employee has completed 2080 hours within the last 14 months. Time off requests must be submitted 30 days prior. You must be actively employed to receive vacation. Vacation will not be paid out at time of termination or resignation.


Holiday Pay

Employees are entitled to 8 hours pay after completing 2000 hours of employment within the 14 months preceding the holiday. Entitlement Holidays include Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.